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One Sports enables sports and health sciences to seize from emerging high-end technologies, such as Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing and Big Data, and transform the lives of men and women.
Transform health and sports data into intelligence and competitive advantage. Make informed decisions based on evidence.

Monitor, integrate, analyze and compare data on 1Core, the online sports analytics platform.
A comprehensive sports analytics platform
Build Champions! Live the One Sports’ ecosystem of connected technologies, integrated to proprietary and third party equipment and systems.

Knowledge leverages actions! Become the best you can be!
Monitor your performance
Sync performance data to the cloud
Perform real-time analyses
Analyze, compare and integrate data
Real-time sports monitoring
Mobile data logger
Stationary data register
Heart rate monitoring
Speed and agility
Jumping evaluation
Outdoor monitoring wearable
Indoor monitoring wearable
LiveFit Vest
Chest Strap
1Connect Router
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